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Why Join Our Team At YourCause?

We are a diverse group of people who are encouraged to maintain and share our individuality. Within YourCause, everyone is considered an entrepreneur, and we tackle all our challenges as a team, utilizing our collective creativity and innovation. We possess an “all-in” mentality in supporting the company and one another, both inside and outside of work, which fuels the passion and laughter we experience day-in and day-out. We are constantly looking for like-minded, smart, and passionate individuals to join in the pursuit of our vision.

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Open Positions

Account Manager

We’re seeking a new talented, smart, and fun member to join our account management team and focus their time and attention to our clients. Do you have experience in providing exceptional customer support and have an excellent record in maintaining client satisfaction? Then, we’d like you to join our team!

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Front End Engineer, JavaScript MVC

We are looking for a Front-End Engineer, with experience creating single page applications in a JavaScript MVC framework? Have you spent what seems like a decade molding JSON and RESTful APIs into works of art? Then you might be exactly what we are looking for!

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Senior Software Architect, API/Integrations

We are looking for a Senior Software Architect, with extensive experience creating scalable public facing APIs, with precise attention to quality and technical detail. Leadership abilities and a team player mentality are also crucial elements for this position. Does this describe you?

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Database Engineer, DBA

We are looking for a Senior Database Engineer responsible for monitoring production servers for performance issues and errors, identifying the root causes, and ultimately implementing solutions. Reach out if you are qualified and interested!

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Front-End Developer

We are looking for a Front-End Developer with a passion for the modern web. Do you spend time resizing your browser just to see if an app was built correctly? Are Less, Sass, and jQuery all secondary languages for you? If so, we want you to join our team.

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Sales Executive

We are looking for an ambitious, energetic individual who will have immediate impact on business growth - but it’s not an ‘another day, another dollar’ state of mind. One of our core values is partnership, which means a YourCause enterprise Sales Executive will exude excitement, be a diligent team player, and commit to relationship development with prospects. In general, our core values exemplify company culture and how we integrate them into our daily works.

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Marketing Content & Collateral Specialist

We’ve got some pretty awesome stories to tell. Like the one about how our Founder started the company after being inspired by a little boy kidnapped by the LRA in Uganda. Or the one about how a client of ours in the financial services sector went from 32% participation to over 50% in under a year. Or how about the one where we processed over $146M to charities in 2014? If talking points like the ones we just mentioned get your fingers tingling to write blog posts, case studies, or white papers then we need to chat.

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Application Developer II

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Application Developer III

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Business Intelligence Developer III

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